67th Cyberspace Wing

67th Cyberspace WingThe 67th Cyberspace Wing (67 CW), headquartered at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas is the Air Force’s premier tactical cyberspace warfighting organization dedicated to offensive cyber operations, defensive cyber operations, and network operations across the Air Force enterprise. The 67th CW executes a full range of cyber operations including the integrated planning and employment of military capabilities to achieve desired combat effects across the interconnected analog and digital portion of the Battlespace-Air Force Network Ops. Comprised of over 2,500 Airmen, civilians, and contractors across three Operations Groups with 31 units at 17 worldwide locations, the 67th CW employs 5 cyberspace weapon systems conducting global network operations, defensive cyberspace operations, and offensive cyberspace operations in support of Air Force, Joint Force Commander, and Combatant Commander taskings. 

“We are Airmen, committed to the profession of arms, warfighters, in a globally deployed combat wing. We are creative & innovative with unyielding determination. We believe in bold, audacious action and courageous, inspirational leadership. We believe that humans are more important than the hardware. And s Gunslingers, we always have each other’s back.”

67th CW Leadership

Col Bradley Pyburn  Col Don CLoud 
Col. Bradley L. Pyburn 
Col. Donald Cloud
Vice Commander 
Mr. White  Chief Master Sgt. David L. Newman 
Mr. Richard E. White
            Director of Information Operations 
CMSgt David L. Anthony
Command Chief