24AF Leadership

Maj. Gen. Christopher Weggeman

Brig. Gen. Mitchell Butikofer
Vice Commander

CMSgt David Klink
Command Chief

Brig. Gen. Jill Lannan
Air National Guard Assistant

24th Air Force - AFCYBER



On 18 August 2009 the United States Air Force established 24th Air Force at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas as a subordinate Numbered Air Force under Air Force Space Command, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colorado. The 24th Air Force is also the Service Cyber Component (Air Forces Cyber) to the United States Cyber Command, Fort George Meade, Maryland.  

As Air Forces Cyber (AFCYBER), its mission is “American Airmen delivering full-spectrum, global cyberspace capabilities and effects for our Service, the Joint Force, and our Nation.”  Through daily cyber tasking orders, AFCYBER directs units around the world to conduct cyberspace operations across six Lines of Effort, B.O.S.D.E.E.: Building, Operating, Securing, and Defending the Air Force Information Network (AFIN) and directed mission critical cyber terrain, Extending cyber capabilities to the tactical edge of the modern battlefield and Engaging the adversary in support of combatant and air component commanders.    

688th CW

688th Cyberspace Wing

38th Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group
38th Operations Support Squadron
38th Engineering Squadron
38th Contracting Squadron
38th Cyberspace Readiness Squadron
85th Engineering Installation Squadron

318th Cyberspace Operations Group
39th Information Operations Squadron
90th Information Operations Squadron
92nd Information Operations Squadron
318th Operations Support Squadron
346th Test Squadron
688th Cyberspace Operations Group
833rd Cyberspace Operations Squadron
834th Cyberspace Operations Squadron
835th Cyberspace Operations Squadron
836th Cyberspace Operations Squadron
837th Cyberspace Operations Squadron

5th CCG

5th Combat Communications Group

5th Combat Communications Support Squadron
51st Combat Communications Squadron
52nd Co
mbat Communications Squadron

67th CW

67th Cyberspace Wing

26th Cyberspace Operations Group
26th Operations Support Squadron
26th Network Operations Squadron
33rd Network Warfare Squadron
68th Network Warfare Squadron

67th Cyberspace Operations Group
91st Cyberspace Operations Squadron
352nd Cyberspace Operations Squadron
315th Cyberspace Operations Squadron
390th Cyberspace Operations Squadron

690th Cyberspace Operations Group
83rd Network Operations Squadron
561st Network Operations Squadron
690th Network Support Squadron
690th Cyberspace Operations Squadron
690th Intelligence Support Squadron
691st Cyberspace Operations Squadron