24th AF 101 CDoS Campaign: Safe 'n Sound, All year Round

Joint Base San Antonio - Lackland, Texas - -- The 24th Air Force will start its annual 15-week 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign May 24. As the volume of vehicles on roadways increases during the summer months, so does the risk of mishaps, injuries and deaths. By practicing traffic safety regularly, Airmen not only protect themselves and loved ones but also others on the road. This year's campaign theme is "Safe' n Sound-All Year Round" and will last until Sep. 3. The objective of the 2013 campaign is to call attention to the tragic loss and/or injury of Airmen and raise awareness of hazards during the summer season.

The Air Force Safety Center has designated the 15 weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day as critical due to historically higher occurrences of safety incidents during the period. The 24th AF safety office will email a weekly safety message and post the messages to the safety SharePoint site during the campaign season. The campaign focuses on providing safety topics, tips, and information to ensure our Airmen are equipped with the tools needed to combat preventable mishaps throughout the summer season.

In San Antonio, the summer heat often lasts much longer than the campaign's duration; therefore, the heat and sun make summer safety more important here, especially when you consider outdoor activities such as hiking in hill country and tubing along the Guadalupe River.

The 24th AF suffered one preventable mishap between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2012. This is relatively low when compared to similarly sized organizations. Most of the preventable Air Force mishaps involve either sports and recreational injuries or traffic accidents. Last year, we had no traffic or vehicle related mishaps during the 101 CDoS. Our goal is to continue the trend of zero preventable mishaps with this year's campaign. We can achieve this goal by preplanning when we travel, sticking with our plans and making smart risk management decisions.

The Air Force Travel Risk Planning System is an outstanding risk assessment and planning tool aimed at assisting drivers with route planning and avoidance of potentially adverse road and weather conditions prior to hitting the highway. Drivers should use TRiPS when traveling by motorcycle or automobile while on leave, pass or TDY. The system provides the driver with a forecast of what he or she may experience during an upcoming trip.

We can further reduce the number of preventable mishaps by cultivating a safety culture. This commitment is reflective of leadership and can be contagious to unit personnel. Being safety-minded does not stop when you leave the office or workplace; it's continuous and extends to our friends and family. Think about it; safety is everyone's responsibility. We should all do our part to help ensure each other arrives home safely every day.

We had a reasonably low number of mishaps during the winter campaign of 2012. I invite you to make this year's 101 CDoS personal. By doing so, you will ensure this year's campaign is as successful as our previous campaigns.