24th AF commander: Maximize fun and family, minimize mishap

JOINT-BASE SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Team, we are in that period where we're enjoying celebrating the "independence" we work so hard to protect, and spending time at home and on the road with our great families who also serve and support in everything we do! I'd like to reinforce the message from General Shelton and to ask you to be safe in all that you do during this period of celebration.

We hear and read such messages each year from our senior leaders, yet, invariably still deal with tragedy in our Air Force family each summer due to preventable accidents. We have far too much value to the nation and those in our lives to be cavalier. In order to see the person who should value you the most, all you have to do is look left, look right and then look into a mirror... look out for your wingman and take care of your family, and take care of yourself.

This Fourth of July, let's maximize fun and family, and minimize mishap! Keep the fire low on the barbeque, hike with a buddy, plan your activities, wear safety equipment, do not drink and drive a boat, car, plane or any other vehicle. Relax to recharge your batteries.

"Safe" regards and enjoy your holiday,

V8 and Chief

Major General Suzanne M. Vautrinot
Commander, 24th Air Force

Chief Master Sgt. Alfred A. Herring
Command Chief Master Sergeant, 24th Air Force