Air Force Cyber History

24 AF (AFCYBER) Heritage Pamphlet
This pamphlet walks through the existing history of cyberspace integration into the operations of the U.S. Air Force. It provides insight into how 24th Air Force was created, and provides documentation of the historical records that exist in the evolution of this manmade domain and the operations conducted in, from and through cyberspace.

688th Cyberspace Wing Heritage Pamphlet

This pamphlet describes the history, lineage and current mission of the 688th Cyberspace Wing and subordinate units within the wing.

Air Forces Cyber Documentation

The development of cyberspace operations within the U.S. Air Force has taken years of transformation and input from many different leaders across the force. Listed below are documents which have laid the foundation for future cyberspace operations within the U.S. Air Force.

Cyberspace added to Mission Statement - Dec 2005

Establishment of Operational Cyber Command - Sep 2006

Operational Cyberspace Command "Go Do" Letter - Nov 2006

Air Force Cyberspace Mission Alignment - Aug 2009

Cyber Wingman Principles - Nov 2009

Declaration of Full Operational Capability - Oct 2010

DOD Cyber Strategy - Apr 2015

Historian contact information

24th Air Force historian

67th Cyberspace Wing historian

688th Cyberspace Wing historian