The 38CYRS, Tinker AFFB, Okla., is a subordinate unit under the 38CEIG, 688th Cyberspace Wing, 24th Air Force, JBSA-Lackland.

The 38CYRS, Tinker AFFB, Okla., is a subordinate unit under the 38CEIG, 688th Cyberspace Wing, 24th Air Force, JBSA-Lackland.

The 38th Cyberspace Readiness Squadron (38 CYRS) is located at Scott AFB, Ill.  The Squadron’s mission set is unique, executing Air Force Lead Command and Secretary of the Air Force, Chief Information Officer responsibilities from the squadron level. 

The 38 CYRS has two distinct mission areas.  First is Long Haul Communications.  As the Air Force’s single consolidated focal-point for Department of Defense Information Network Defense Information Services Network (DISN) Long-Haul Communications (LHC), the Squadron is responsible for all Air Force and supported Combatant Command LHC requirements, provisioning, budgeting and management.  This responsibility also includes AF Mobile Satellite System and Teleport services. 

The 38 CYRS’s second mission area is Common Communications and Information (C&I) Mission Systems. The Squadron provides the Air Force a single, consolidated Major Command (MAJCOM) systems management, subject matter expert support and Equipment Control Officers for AF common C&I systems including Personal Wireless Communications Systems (PWCS), Cable/Antenna, IT Asset Management (ITAM) and the Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS).  

Global warfighter success through DISN services, C&I Systems Management and the Military Auxiliary Radio System. 

To ensure warfighter success through world-class IT support--the warfighter can't leave the base without us.

The 38 CYRS is comprised of 62 active duty, civilians and contractor personnel from a variety of information technology, information assurance, cyberspace support, engineering, maintenance and financial disciplines.

Today, the 38 CYRS is part of the 38th Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group located at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, and the 688th Cyberspace Wing, located at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas, which are aligned under 24th Air Force and Air Force Space Command. 

The history of the Squadron’s individual mission areas can be traced back to Air Force Communications Command’s Telecommunications Certification Office (the predecessor to Long-Haul Communications), and as recently as 2007 with the consolidation of common MAJCOM communications and information workload and the creation of the Air Force Communications Agency’s Enterprise Systems Directorate which included the current 38 CYRS mission systems division.

On 27 April 2012, the 38 CYRS activated as its own Squadron with three flights and three distinct missions:  Long-Haul Communications, Common C&I Systems and Scope Edge. 

In 2013, the Squadron’s mission and manpower grew with the standup of the Air Force Cyber Mission Force, and in particular Cyber Protection Teams (CPT).  The Air Force activated five cyberspace operations squadrons comprised of three CPTs each.  Two of the squadrons would be at Scott AFB, along with a new Cyberspace Operations Group.  As a result, the Squadron’s mission was expanded and revised to include two lettered operating locations.  The Squadron was tasked with bedding down and establishing what would eventually become the two squadrons at Scott AFB, then identified as 38 CYRS OL-A and OL-B.  Between 1 April 2013 and 30 November 2015, the Squadron grew from 90 to over 200 active duty, civilian and contractor personnel.

In December 2015, the 38 CYRS OLs activated as their own squadrons, the 835th and 837th Cyberspace Operations Squadrons under the newly activated 688th Cyberspace Operations Group at Scott AFB, Ill. 

Today, the 38 CYRS remains a two-flight Squadron, dedicated to, and effectively executing, its critical cyberspace enabling missions of Long-Haul Communications and Common C&I Mission Systems.

(As of Sep 2016)