The 38CONS, Tinker AFB, Okla., is a subordinate unit of the 38CEIG, 688th Cyberspace Wing, 24th Air Force, JBSA-Lackland.

The 38CONS, Tinker AFB, Okla., is a subordinate unit of the 38CEIG, 688th Cyberspace Wing, 24th Air Force, JBSA-Lackland.

The 38th Contracting Squadron (38 CONS) headquartered at Tinker Air Force Base (AFB), Oklahoma, is the preferred contracting squadron for 24th Air Force (24 AF) and communications mission partners worldwide.

The Squadron provides contracting support for mission partners procuring a wide variety of communications and cyberspace requirements essential to the Air Force’s mission though their subordinate flights.

The Engineering and Installation (E&I) Contracting Flight provides new, replacement and upgraded communications infrastructure at AF installations worldwide.  In addition, the flight procures mission support equipment for all 24 AF organizations, providing administrative support for contracts supporting the 688th Cyberspace Wing (688 CW) and 67th Cyberspace Wing at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland.

The Telecommunication Services Flight provides local telephone (dial-tone) service with over 238 Communication Service Authorizations (CSAs) procured and administered by the flight’s contracting professionals.  The flight also supports CONUS AF Bases, Puerto Rico, Thule and AF Reserve and Air National Guard Bases across the U.S.  

The Cyber Services Flight supports 24 AF’s cyberspace mission worldwide.  It provides support to protect and defend the Air Force Network to test systems to accomplish this mission, to find weaknesses in adversaries’ network and to exploit those weaknesses.

The Acquisition and Development Support Flight provides support to the Squadron and its buying flights.  The flight, known officially as the “Plans and Programs Flight,” has three primary functions or mission areas:  Provides acquisition policy support; conducts contract and pre-clearance reviews; and maintains/administers the contract writing system, currently the Procurement Desktop Defense.  Ancillary to the primary duties, the flight is also responsible for data collection and analysis for various activities. 

The 38 CONS follows the Air Force Contracting Mission which is to “Develop and execute responsive strategies and compliant sourcing solutions enabling the global Air Force mission.”

The AF Contracting’s vision of “Be America’s Best…war-winning capabilities on time, on cost” is echoed by the Squadron as it embraces the key concepts they seek to accomplish.

The 38 CONS employs 52 acquisition coded civilian professionals, including a geographically separated location at JBSA-Lackland, Texas (OL-A).  38 CONS provides contract instruments that help the men and women of the Air Force accomplish their missions each and every day.  With 41 authorized slots at Tinker AFB, five at JBSA-Lackland and five Copper Cap interns, the Squadron continues to provide critical support to its mission partners. 

The 38 CONS is part of the 38th Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group headquartered at Tinker AFB, Okla., the 688 CW headquartered at JBSA-Lackland, Texas, under 24th AF and Air Force Space Command.  The Squadron is organized into four flights: Engineering and Installation Contracting Flight; Telecommunication (CSA) Services Flight; Cyber Services Flight; Plans and Programs (a.k.a. Acquisition & Development Support) Flight; and a Geographically Separated Unit, reporting to 38 CONS/LGCC at JBSA-Lackland, Texas (OL-A).

38 CONS has supported the men and women of the USAF for decades by providing specialized communications contracting.  However, the current organization was established on 6 January 2012 after the Group (HQ 38 CEG) was re-designated as HQ 38th Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group (38 CEIG) and assigned to 688 IOW (re-designated as the 688th Cyberspace Wing on 13 September 2013).  The Squadron was activated at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma on 6 January 2012 and assigned to the 38th CEIG alongside its sister squadrons: 38th Engineering, 38th Operations Support, 38th Cyberspace Readiness and 85th Engineering Installation Squadrons.

(As of Sep 2016)