561 NOS emblem

561 NOS emblem

The 561st Network Operations Squadron (561 NOS), located at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., is aligned under the 690th Cyberspace Operations Group, 67th Cyberspace Wing, 24th Air Force, Air Force Space Command. The 561 NOS has two detachments located at Scott Air Force Base and Malmstrom Air Force Base. Operation Location Bravo is also located at Scott AFB and both locations share the responsibility of managing core services consisting of messaging, network monitoring, directory services, infrastructure, boundary and vulnerability management for 108 Air Force installations.

Provide mission assurance to the warfighter by operating, sustaining and defending the Air Force enterprise network.

The 561 NOS consists of more 550 members including active duty, government civilian and contractor personnel spread across three locations. The 960th Network Operations Squadron, an associated Air Force Reserve unit, augments the 561 NOS with operations crews in the execution of its global mission.

Providing the joint force maneuver and defense supporting Air Force core missions and delivering warfighting effects through cyberspace.

The 561 NOS delivers responsive combat support to guarantee command and control, global connectivity, and information assurance across 109 bases under ten major commands and nine combatant commands. The squadron is responsible for the availability and security of both the unclassified and classified secret networks for a number of the assigned major commands and combatant commands. 

The 561 NOS supports all major commands operations across the globe including the continental U.S., Greenland, United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, Guam, Diego Garcia, and Ascension Island. 

Air Combat Command activated the 561st Communications Squadron at Peterson on July 5, 2006 to operate one of two integrated network operations and security centers (I-NOSC). Detachment1 activated July 5, 2006 at Hickam; Detachment 2 activated July 5, 2006 at Randolph; Detachment 3 activated July 5, 2006 at Scott; Detachment 4 activated July 5, 2006 at Arlington City, Va. and inactivated Aug. 31, 2006. In July 2007, the 561st CS was re-designated as the 561st Network Operations Squadron. The squadron was reassigned to the 690th Network Support Group to conduct Air Force network operations along with the 690th Network Support Squadron, 690th Intelligence Support Squadron and the 83rd Network Operations Squadron. 
In 2015, Det 1 stood down and became the 690th Cyberspace Operations Squadron.  
In 2015, Det 2 stood down and became the Air Force Information Network (AFIN) Mission Assurance Center.

(Current as of November 2016)