24th Air Force Shield (Color)

24th Air Force Shield (Color)

The 24th Air Force, located at Joint Base San Antonio - Lackland, is the operational warfighting organization that establishes, operates, maintains and defends Air Force networks to ensure warfighters can maintain the information advantage as US forces prosecute military operations around the world.

On October 6, 2008, following its annual Corona conference, the U.S. Air Force announced that a numbered air force, the 24th Air Force, would gain the cyber warfare mission as part of Air Force Space Command. The 24th Air Force was activated on August 18, 2009, achieved Initial Operating Capability on January 17, 2010, and Full Operational Capability on October 1, 2010. On December 7, 2010, HQ 24th Air Force was re-designated Air Forces Cyber (AFCYBER) to recognize its role as the service component to United States Cyber Command.

As Air Forces Cyber (AFCYBER), its mission is "American Airmen delivering full-spectrum, global cyberspace capabilities and effects for our service, the joint force and our nation." Through daily cyber tasking orders, AFCYBER directs units around the world to conduct cyberspace operations across six lines of effort: Building, Operating, Securing, Defending the Air Force Information Network (AFIN) and directed mission critical cyber terrain, Extending cyber capabilities to the tactical edge of the modern battlefield, and Engaging the adversary in support of combatant and air component commanders.

More than 5,600 men and women conduct or support 24-hour operations involving cyberspace operations for 24th Air Force, including approximately 3,250 military, 900 civilian and 1,400 contractor personnel. Approximately 1,100 Air Reserve Component personnel came to AFSPC from existing Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard units associated with the combat communications mission of the 688th Cyberspace Wing and the Air Force Network Operations mission of the 67th Cyberspace Wing.

The 24th Air Force is comprised of an integrated operations center (OC) (624OC) and two wings (688th and 67th Cyberspace Wings) located at Joint Base San Antonio - Lackland, Texas. The 5th Combat Communications Group is located at Robins Air Force Base, Ga.

The mission of the 624OC is to establish, plan, direct, coordinate, assess, command and control full spectrum cyber operations and capabilities in support of Air Force and Joint requirements. The operations center is structured similar to an Air Operations Center, with a Strategy Division, Combat Plans Division, Combat Operations Division, and Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance Division. The unit consists of approximately 150 members.

The 67th Cyberspace Wing is charged as the Air Force execution element for Air Force Network Operations and providing network warfare capabilities to Air Force, Joint Task Force and combatant commanders that operate, manage and defend global Air Force networks. Additionally, the 67th CW performs Defensive Cyber Analysis for the Air Force and Joint community. The wing has military and civilian personnel around the world conducting and supporting cyber operations; the unit consists of approximately 1,800 members and 700 contractors.

The 688th Cyberspace Operations Wing (CW) is a redesignation of the Air Force Information Operations Center (AFIOC). The 688CW is comprised of 1,500 military and civilian personnel and 650 contractors, and is the Air Force's center of excellence for information operations. The wing is responsible for creating the information operations advantage for combatant forces through exploring, developing, applying and transitioning counter information technology, strategy, tactics and data to control the information battlespace and provide the world's best IO leaders.

The 5th Combat Communications Group trains, deploys and delivers to the President, Secretary of Defense, the Combatant Commanders and the warfighter expeditionary communications, information systems, air traffic control and weather services. The unit consists of 7,000 active duty, Air Force Reserve, and Air Force National Guard personnel as well as civilian and contractor support. All members maintain a unique tactical skill set that allows them to operate in austere, deployed and Joint/coalition environments.

(Current as of November 2017)