688th Cyberspace Wing

688th Cyberspace Wing

Postured to lead strategic advances in cyberspace and Information Operations (IO), the 688th Cyberspace Wing’s (688 CW) legacy of innovation, coupled with a highly-skilled and dynamic total force, make us the solution center for the Air Force’s hardest problems. In addition, serving as the home for all Air Force active duty Cyberspace Protection Teams, we offer maneuver forces standing ready to assure service and joint missions worldwide. Today, our Nation faces an aggressive, adaptive adversary. The 688th understands that only through the effective integration of air, space and cyberspace capabilities can the Nation meet the complex security challenges ahead. Complacency is not an option. The men and women of the 688th understand this and stand ready to deliver proven cyberspace and IO capabilities to meet the challenge.


Deliver innovative combat capabilities in defense of the Nation.


Renowned Airmen delivering innovative, game-changing and integrated cyberspace, IO and Engineering & Installation capabilities to assure National, Joint and Air Force mission success.


Designated as Air Force Special Communications Center on 24 July 1953. Organized on 8 August 1953. Redesignated as: Air Force Electronic Warfare Center on 1 July 1975; Air Force Information Warfare Center on 10 September 1993; Air Force Information Operations Center on 1 October 2006; 688th Information Operations Wing on 18 August 2009; 688th Cyberspace Wing on 13 September 2013.


The 38th Cyberspace Engineering and Installation Group (38 CEIG)
The 38 CEIG serves as the Air Force's single access point for strategic planning, operational engineering and installation of cyberspace infrastructure. The 38 CEIG executes a multitude of capabilities: cyberspace enterprise planning, engineering and installation; cyberspace operations and long-haul communications contracting support; network optimization and remediation; and operational engineering. Group cyberspace professionals are employed across all levels of the Air Force enterprise assessing current and planned cyberspace infrastructure, designing technical solutions compatible with the Air Force architecture, troubleshooting systemic network issues and providing detailed health assessments of cyber domain infrastructure. The 38 CEIG Airmen integrate AF mission systems with enterprise services, delivering special mission teams to troubleshoot and resolve emergency, mission critical or enterprise-level network problems and develop long-term solution strategies. The 38th also provides critical 72-hour on call support directly to the warfighter during contingency operations. Equally, they are the go-to organization for cyberspace contract services support handling base dial-tone contracts to unique cyberspace mission and weapons systems support contracts. The Group also manages several enterprise-wide programs to include the Air Force Equipment Management System and Cable/Antenna Maintenance programs. Finally, they acquire cyberspace technology integration, installation and operations/sustainment support worldwide, and are the sole provider of active duty engineering and installation capability in the Air Force. With a workforce of dedicated professionals, the 38 CEIG brings cyberspace tools, talent and technologies to the Air Force.

The 318th Cyberspace Operations Group (318 COG)
The 318 COG innovates, partners and delivers combat capability in and through cyberspace through the development, testing, training and operational employment of materiel and non-materiel solutions. Representing the Air Force’s Cyber Proving Ground, the 318th partners with Air Force and national agencies, commercial industry, as well as academic institutions, leveraging their investments to fulfill real-time cyber requirements. In addition, the 318th is home to all Air Force cyber tool developers supporting USCYBERCOM’s Cyber Mission Force (CMF). Integral to cyber innovation and development, in addition to serving even broader military needs, the 318th also offers a range of tests and assessments that afford decision makers operationally-relevant risk analysis. These evaluations fulfill traditional Operational Test & Evaluations (OT&E) requirements for offensive and defensive cyber capabilities, as well as answer the need for specialized audits and assessments in areas such as TEMPEST, COMSEC, OPSEC, cyberspace vulnerabilities and network interoperability. Further, as the largest Air Force provider of Live, Virtual & Constructive (LVC) cyberspace ranges, the 318th operates the Distributed Mission Operations Center-Cyber and generates environments and architectures for all manner of development, testing, training and exercises. The 318 COG also houses the Air Force’s only cyber Formal Training Unit (FTU), executing Initial Qualification Training (IQT) pipelines for most cyber weapon systems, as well as offering a variety of advanced cyber operations and IO curricula. As part of its broader training responsibilities, the Group leads the integration of offensive and defensive cyberspace operations capabilities and subject matter expertise into Combat Air Forces (CAF) advanced training scenarios for a variety of Air Force and joint exercises, including under direction of the USAF Warfare Center (USAFWC). On the operational side, alongside its sister group, the 688th Cyberspace Operations Group, 318th operators employ the Cyberspace Vulnerability Assessment/Hunter (CVA/H) weapon system to conduct Cyberspace Protection Team operations in support of United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) priorities. Related, the 318th maintains responsibility for providing operations support activities for all wing CVA/H operators and supported missions, covering back-shop functions such as training, weapons & tactics, intelligence support and scheduling, as well as fulfilling quality assurance and standardization/evaluation requirements. Finally, as part of its longstanding IO mission, the 318th provides Military Information Support Operations, Operations Security and Military Deception reachback support to AOCs worldwide in support of Combatant Command IO mission requirements.

The 688th Cyberspace Operations Group (688 COG)
Activated on 1 December 2015, the 688th Cyberspace Operations Group (COG) is the Air Force's newest operations group conducting cyberspace defensive operations and delivering mission assurance for National, Joint and Service-level mission partners. The 688 COG is already leading initiatives within Air Force Space Command to optimize the CVA/H weapon system crew construct. The Group partners closely with the 318 COG to share best practices, invigorate/develop ops training and lead the Cybercrew Standardization and Evaluation Program across the CVA/H weapon system. Additionally, the 688 COG is championing an innovative improvement effort - the Job Enhancement and Development Initiative – to bolster job proficiency and motivate personal development of active duty and Air National Guard CVA/H weapon system operators. The 688 COG is boldly driving evolutionary leaps forward, both within the Group and across AFSPC, by improving weapon system organization and training. As a new organization standing up teams to accomplish shifting mission sets, the 688 COG is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the diverse backgrounds and incredible creativity inherent to the Airmen that comprise its squadrons. Bringing fresh and innovative solutions to how we organize, train and equip our cyberspace warfighters, the Group has driven dramatic improvements in every aspect of unit, team and mission establishment.


Current as of April 2017