67th Network Warfare Wing

67th Network Warfare Wing

The 67th Cyberspace Wing (67 CW), headquartered at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas is the Air Force’s premier tactical cyberspace warfighting organization dedicated to offensive cyber operations, defensive cyber operations, and network operations across the Air Force enterprise. The 67th CW executes a full range of cyber operations including the integrated planning and employment of military capabilities to achieve desired combat effects across the interconnected analog and digital portion of the Battlespace-Air Force Network Ops. Comprised of over 2,500 Airmen, civilians, and contractors across three Operations Groups with 31 units at 17 worldwide locations, the 67th CW employs 5 cyberspace weapon systems conducting global network operations, defensive cyberspace operations, and offensive cyberspace operations in support of Air Force, Joint Force Commander, and Combatant Commander taskings.  

Operate and fight in and through cyberspace.

Elite Airmen, globally unified, dominating the cyber domain. 

Established as 67 Reconnaissance Wing on 6 Nov 1947. Organized on 25 Nov 1947. Redesignated 67 Tactical Reconnaissance Wing on 22 Aug 1948. Inactivated on 28 Mar 1949. Activated on 25 Feb 1951. Discontinued and inactivated 8 Dec 1960. Activated on 2 Aug 1965. Organized on 1 Jan 1966. Redesignated 67 Reconnaissance Wing on 1 Oct 1991. Inactivated on 30 Sep 1993.  Redesignated 67 Information Operations Wing on 1 Aug 2000; 67 Network Warfare Wing on 5 July 2006; 67 Cyberspace Wing on 1 Oct 2013- Present. 


The 67th CW is organized with three groups with distinct missions to operate and defend the Air Force's and execute cyber operations, and an operations support squadron that provides critical operational support across the full spectrum of 67th CW missions.

The 26th Cyberspace Operations Group provides the AF’s only operational cyber support forces to conduct electronic systems monitoring, network defense, attack, and exploitation by executing full spectrum Air Force network operations and management systems for Combatant Commanders around the world. Additionally, the Group’s cyber warriors perform electronic security assessment to include ground-breaking cyber operational risk assessment missions for the Air Force and Joint community.

The 690th Network Support Group employs nearly 1,555 personnel across the globe who operate and maintains systems within the Cyberspace Security and Control Weapon System.

The 67th Cyberspace Operations Group is the Air Force’s only group tasked to execute worldwide offensive cyberspace operations.  The Group readies and employs over 250 Airmen in 5 geographic locations worldwide to conduct network attack and exploitation.  Additionally, the unit presents Secretary of Defense-directed special network warfare capabilities for the Air Force, joint task force, and combatant commanders.

The 26th Operations Support Squadron provides responsive and timely operational support to the 67 CW offensive, defensive and Air Force enterprise network operations by synchronizing mission execution and preparing combat ready forces to conduct global cyberspace operations supporting Air Force, joint task force, and combatant commanders.

(As of Nov 2016)