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During Brig Gen Foulois' 56 years of active and retired military aviation service, he has accumulated a number of firsts such as 

First flight as a dirigible pilot, 1908
First observer on an aircraft cross-country, 1909
First military man to teach himself to fly, 1910
First and only military test pilot flying Old No. 1
First to fly more than 100 miles non-stop, 1911
First on an operational reconnaissance flight
First to test use of radio in flight
First commander of a tactical air unit (1st Aero Squadron)
First commander of the first mechanized tactical unit in the U.S. Army (1st Aero Squadron)
First to use an aircraft in a combat operation (Mexico), 1916
First chief of Air Service, AEF, 1st Army, 1918
First chief of Air Corps to be a military aviator, 1931
First Air Corps chief to be awarded Mackay Trophy, 1933
First Honorary Staff Member of Air Force Systems Command, 1962
First honorary member of the Aerospace Primus Club, 1964

Brig. Gen. Benjamin Foulois was born in 1879 and died in 1967. 
Retired   December 31, 1935   Died  April 24, 1967
Benjamin Delahauf Foulois was born in Washington, Conn., in 1879. Enlisting as a private in the First United States Volunteer Engineers July 7, 1898, he served in Puerto Rico until January 1899, when he was mustered out as a sergeant. On June 17, 1899, he enlisted as a private in the Regular Army and served with the 19th Infantry, rising to the